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What is your WILD ?

“Wild is an authentic natural untamed way of life.  Your wild is the combination of your inner voice, thoughts, feelings, dreams, and desires.  Wild naturally occurs within every individual.  Wild represents your unique individuality.  Your wild is like your fingerprint, identifying you as your truest self.  Wild is developed through interactions with the environment around us and knowledge from life experiences.  Only you can discover and know your wild.  As you allow your wild to surface, you will strengthen access to your intuition.  You will increase your intuition by engaging with your wild, uncharted energetic navigation and allowing it to lead.” ~Melissa Wild, 2022

The above is an excerpt from Wild Intuition: An Adventure in Creative Awareness.  When you experience life from a perspective of creative awareness, you will become more in tune with your wild. 

Work with me to Live Your Wild.


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