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The book:

Wild Intuition: An Adventure in Creative Awareness

About the book:

“Wild Intuition is a guided journey into one’s own intuitive experiences. Through personal stories, easy to learn and apply practices and techniques, and provocative questions, Melissa Wild facilitates readers through an emotionally transformative intrapersonal adventure. In a world where rationale thought and decision making are given such great focus, the content of this book nourishes our emotional intelligence while simultaneously connecting readers to their unique creative spirit. And in an uncertain and complex world, filled with daily challenges and opportunities, what could possibly be more life-giving than to connect to the awesome creative energy that lies within all of us.”

~Gerard J. Puccio, Ph.D., SUNY Distinguished Professor & Department Chair, Creativity and Change Leadership Department, Buffalo State University

“Take a walk on the wild side and connect with your intuitive, authentic self.  In Wild Intuition: An Adventure in Creative Awareness, by Melissa Wild, you will learn how your creative awareness can cultivate intuition.  Through evocative storytelling and with clear, easy exercises, Wild will set you on your personal journey of discovery.  With your intuition as a guide, you will be open to information provided to guide and, sometimes, warn you.  Whether through nature, photography, dreams, music, or writing, Wild shows you how to pay attention to messages meant for you.  As the author says, to be wild is to be authentic – open to “wonder, curiosity, excitement, and awe.”  To be wild is also to be free, not domesticated or tamed or trapped.  In “Live Your Wild,” Wild will show you how to embrace experiences and pay attention to messages.  Melissa Wild has provided a transformative guidebook to welcome you on your journey to your creative, abundant, and connected self.”

~ Beth Miller, Executive Director, Creative Education Foundation

“Wild Intuition written, with depth and intensity, invites you to join Melissa on her  journey providing,  easy -to-follow techniques to help you understand how to embrace your intuition.  The book will empower your inner strength.”

~Hedria Lunken-Saltzman, Past President, Creative Education Foundation, Past Co-Chair, Florida Creativity Conference

About Melissa Wild

Melissa Wild has a Master’s Degree in Creativity and Change Leadership from the Center for Applied Imagination at Buffalo State University. She completed Erickson Professional Coach Certification in Canada and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification in Mexico. Melissa is an international conference presenter who provides keynote speeches and facilitates workshops on applying the techniques in her book; Wild Intuition: An Adventure in Creative Awareness.